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Trail Trio

$175.00 available on subscription

Eye of Round Roast
3 Rib-eye steaks
1 package of skirt steaks for fajitas
3 1/3 # burgers
1# Beef kabobs
1# bulk Ground Beef


All natural locally raised & processed KP Heritage Hereford Beef no hormones or additives.

The “Trail Trio” is a package designed for a family of three with meat for meals for a week. Included in this package is: 1 Eye of Round Roast, 3 8-ounce Rib eye steaks, 3 1/3 # burgers, 1 pkg Skirt steaks, 1# of kabobs, and 1# bulk hamburger. This package originated after a friend requested something for “a family of 3”, with two working parents. Here’s an idea for the week’s menu.. YES, of course you can switch the boiled potatoes on Tuesday to chips!! and Wednesday can be goulash made with spaghetti sauce & elbow noodles for a faster together & faster clean up.
Monday night’s menu could be Beef roast, made in the crock pot while you are at work, complete with chunked potatoes, whole baby carrots, celery chunks & coarsely chopped onion. Thicken the broth to make gravy. Serve with your favorite brand of biscuits & cottage cheese.
Tuesday might be 1/3 # burgers, quick baked beans & potatoes boiled & buttered with a sprinkle of parsley flakes & a tossed salad
Wednesday is maybe spaghetti night with garlic bread
Thursday is Fajita night, (start the marinate on wed while the (non-cooks) are doing dishes.
Friday is Steak night.. A baked potato & fresh tomato wedges & your favorite green vegetable.
Saturday could be beef stew or chili maybe even kabobs on the grill with potato chunks
Sunday clean up the left overs and get ready to start the new week..
The Trail Trio is one of many options when shopping for KP Heritage Hereford Beef. Cookie’s Choice is another great family package that will feed your family of three with some to share for the friend who’s coming for supper too. The Buckaroo bites is another package rich in steaks and burgers with beef enough for your family for a week, while Grandma visits.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 in


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